ABIBA Systems to co-sponsor customer loyalty and retention conference South Africa


ABIBA System, a
provider of Business Intelligence and Analytics software for communications
service, will co-sponsor the 3rd Annual Telecoms in Africa: Customer Loyalty
and Retention Conference to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa.  


This event will see a confluence of some of the best
minds in the Industry sharing views about the most critical and latest
developments in the area of Customer Loyalty and Retention.



Mobile usage has been increasing in Africa. With so much
of competition and declining ARPU, operators are forced into new ways of
holding on to their customers.


Churn continues to be a challenge, especially dealing
with customers who carry multiple SIM cards. It is important today for
operators to be proactive; not reactive.


Operators in Africa are investing in providing tailored
solutions based on customer segments, lifetime value and buyer preferences that
give the customer better value for their money.


Operators need to be able to predict churn and make the
right offer well in advance. This two day conference to be held in
Johannesburg, South Africa will see executives from African countries
discussing and sharing views on Customer Loyalty and Retention.


Business Intelligence and Analytics is gaining momentum
in the African continent. ABIBA Systems a leading telecom BI & Analytics
software is already in the process of deploying campaign analytics and
executive dashboard solution for a major African telecom. ABIBAs participation
in this event emphasizes its interests in the continent.


By Telecomlead.com Team

[email protected]