Airtel deploys Ericsson’s mobile broadband charging solution

Telecom Lead @ Mobile World Congress 2013:
Airtel has deployed Ericsson’s mobile broadband charging solution.

The country’s largest telecom operator — which announced its plan to launch voice service for LTE customers using its GSM network — has also modernized its pre-paid/ IN solution for subscribers across 23 circles in India.

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Ericsson’s mobile broadband charging solution will allow Airtel — the world’s largest operator with prepaid users — to enhance prepaid customer experience by offering attractive range of prepaid services, flexible bundling and real time control of chargeable services.

Fredrik Jejdling, head of Region India

Ericsson — in a statement from Mobile World Congress 2013 — said  multi service Mobile Broadband Charging (MBC) suite will allow prepaid customers to have personalised profile based data charging plans.

Airtel’s prepaid customers — around 95 percent of its 264  million user base — will be able to customise their data plans across mobility, fixed line and broadband by cross bundling across multiple domains – 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE & Wi-Fi. It will also offer flexible multi service charging in geographical redundant mode to the world’s largest prepaid base.

Jagbir Singh, CTO & director – Network Services Group- Bharti Airtel said: “With the ever changing customer demands, prepaid customers also demand flexibility in service packages. Ericsson’s MBC suite has the capability to control complex tariff plans and service bundles.”

The wide array of prepaid services, personalised data plans and real time charging experience will allow prepaid customers to control their mobile usage. Thereby allowing us to further enrich their lives.”

Fredrik Jejdling, head of Region India, who is shifting to Africa, in April, said: “Data consumption is far more complex than voice and this solution will help Bharti offer enhanced data services to increase flexibility, control and enrich their customer experience.”

Bharti Airtel is the first mobile operator to implement Geographical Redundancy at such a large scale.

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