CSG International to hold Australasian executive brainstorm in Sydney in April 2012

By Telecom Lead Team: CSG International, a provider of
software- and services-based business support solutions, announced that its CSG
International Australasian Executive Brainstorm will be held in Sydney in April

The event is aimed at bringing together industry experts
and analysts within an interactive environment to explore solutions to
challenges and strategies that accelerate new growth opportunities and business
model innovation.

Topics covered in the brainstorm will include strategic
opportunities and threats of the two sided business model, the customer
experience 2.0 and digital entertainment. 

Digital content within the communications ecosystem has
raised the need for the most significant change to business models in recent
history. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need to be looking at their
strategic options, the future of the core communications products which
generate much of their revenue and how they can improve the customer experience
to reduce churn and attract new customers in the telecommunications, media and
technology sectors,” said Ian Watterson, vice president & managing director
Asia Pacific, CSG International.

The event is significant the introduction of national
broadband networks and LTE in Australia and New Zealand is set to accelerate
demand for high speed data, voice and access to video and digital content on
multiple devices. Network and Communication services providers are racing to
catch up to these new digital realities and rapidly changing customer demands.

A CSG International press release said traditional
content service providers have seen competition from other industries for
several years, including entertainment, broadcasting, IPSs, search engines,
consumer electronics and IT. This is eroding their revenue stream, harming
their brand value and the value they have in the eyes of their customers. For
example, within the mobile entertainment industry, the mobile music segment is
the largest revenue contributor with a compound growth rate of 13.2 per cent,
more than doubling from $10b in 2008 to $21 billion by 2014.

The clear winners in the next phase of this evolving
market will be those who invest the resources into building an infrastructure
and eco-system that supports customers in an anytime, anywhere, always-on
world. Those who fail to embrace strategies for monetising content now will
lack the crucial foundation for winning customers and content partners in this
rapidly evolving digital landscape,” Watterson added.

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