CSG Systems executive forum brainstorms telecom strategies to accelerate growth opportunities

Systems International, a global provider of software-
and services-based business support solutions, has associated with
Partners, founders of the Telco 2.0 Initiative and Digital Entertainment 2.0 Initiative, to present the New Digital Economics Executive
Brainstorm 2011 in Singapore recently.

Co-located with CSG’s APAC Executive Forum,
the executive brainstorming format of the New Digital Economics & CSG APAC
Executive Forum 2011 looked at telcos’ strategic options, the future of the
core communications products telcos rely on for much of their revenue, and how
they can improve customer experience both to reduce churn and attract new
customers in the telecommunications, media and technology sectors.

The two-day event enabled over 100 invited
senior executives from across the communications, media, banking and technology
sectors to focus on strategies that accelerate new growth opportunities and
business model innovation using the unique ‘Mindshare’ interactive format. Also
included in the event was an Innovators Showcase by CSG, bringing to life some
of the concepts under discussion.

The New Digital Economics &
CSG APAC Exec Forum 2011 underscores our relentless commitment to being the
strategic partner to our clients today and the future. The event provided a
platform for clients to hear about strategic content that matters to their
business, brainstorm innovative ideas on how to collaborate to address existing
and new market challenges, and to discover opportunities to co-create
successes. The unique interactive mindshare provided thought leadership and
generated actionable content to help accelerate business opportunities,” said
Ian Watterson, vice president and managing director (Asia Pacific) of CSG International.

Some of the preliminary key findings from the
brainstorm include:

84 percent of APAC participants believed that ‘Telco 2.0’ strategies — leveraging assets to create new B2B and B2C services
and more sustainable business models  – were either already important or
would soon be important to their organization.

APAC delegates believe that more operators
will be successful with Telco 2.0 ‘Full Service’ Strategies/Smart Services —
which create more sophisticated platforms for ‘two-sided’ business models.

Innovation in two sided business model is
still in its nascent stage. Investors still eye telco innovation with some
suspicion. There is significant room for telcos to make changes in such a way
that they enable new business models.

We’re delighted to be working
with CSG International on this important event in this vibrant region. Our
2.0 research is proving increasingly popular in the
APAC and this is validated by the fact that 84 percent of delegates thought
Telco 2.0 strategies are strategically important,” said Simon Torrance, CEO,
STL Partners.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]