Deutsche Telekom and IBM sign for smart cities

Telecom Lead Europe @ Mobile World Congress 2013: Deutsche Telekom and IBM have forged an alliance to provide solutions for smart cities.
Integrated solutions portfolio — from Deutsche Telekom and IBM — enables enables cities to make better use of their services through intelligent data capture and analysis.

The Smarter Cities solutions will build on IBM’s smarter city engagements combined with Deutsche Telekom’s Machine-to-Machine (M2M) capabilities.

Recently, IDC said that 70 percent of worldwide spending on Smart City projects in 2013 will be focused on energy, transportation, and public safety, and 90 percent of these will be at least partially funded by national or international government.

Cities with open data initiatives will drive 50 percent more private, citizen, and crowdsourced mobile applications.

At least three more tier 1 global ICT vendors will enter the market with a branded Smart City solution, leading to more intense competition among existing players.

IDC says Smart City information challenges will begin to be framed as Big Data issues.

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Smarter Cities solutions from Deutsche Telekom and IBM will benefit municipalities as they deliver significant cost efficiencies through better use of their existing infrastructure and improved planning of resources.

IBM will contribute its smarter cities expertise, as well as deliver technology systems that gather real time data from various services, applications and device end points.

Deutsche Telekom, with a business presence in more than 50 countries worldwide and a well established global M2M ecosystem, will provide cities with pervasive M2M connectivity to these technologies and services, as well as SIM card access management and M2M solutions integration expertise.

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