DSP Group @ Mobile World Congress 2013

Telecom Lead @ Mobile World Congress 2013: DSP Group has launched its HDClear solution, a voice enhancement product for mobile devices.

Incorporating noise cancellation algorithms, HDClear improves user experience and delivers better voice quality and call intelligibility.

Ofer Elyakim, chief executive officer of DSP Group, said: “Our roadmap is focused on reaching optimal voice enhancement performance, while creating an open architecture that provides our customers with the flexibility to differentiate their products.”

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When incorporated into smartphones and other mobile devices, this solution isolates voice from surrounding environmental sound leading to a noise-free conversation experience and improved accuracy for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) applications.

Meanwhile, DSP Group said it has licensed and deployed CEVA-TeakLite-III DSP in the latest voice and audio SoC powering its innovative HDClear solution.

HDClearis designed to revolutionize the voice user experience in mobile and other consumer electronic devices.

CEVA-TeakLite-III DSP at the core of the DBMD2 SoC handles all complex tasks, while leaving headroom on the DSP for customers and OEMs to differentiate their product designs by adding proprietary or third party algorithms.

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