Ericsson to showcase 5G

Telecom Lead @ Mobile World Congress: Ericsson will showcase 5G.

The demonstration is part of exhibiting the networked society by 2020 and beyond.
Ericsson will explain how to manage 50 billion connections in a sustainable and cost efficient way using 5G. Ericsson believes 5G can solve broadband network congestions.

Ericsson’s Connected Megacity will show how ICT can increase safety, creativity and sustainability in cities that by 2050 will be occupied by 70 percent of the world population.

As part of its exploration project — Window of Opportunity — Ericsson will connect glass to boost indoor coverage and enable services such as automated blinds and cloud control for ventilation.

Ericsson to showcase 5G(source: )

It will demonstrate how by using a transparent antenna, an ordinary window could become part of the mobile broadband network, boosting indoor coverage and providing a better mobile experience inside buildings or when taking public transportation work.

As mobile data volumes will be 1000 times higher and user data rates will be up to 100 times faster by 2020 than today, Ericsson sees 5G as a way for users to enjoy the ultimate network experience. 5G will be important as there will be between 10 to 100 times more connected devices.

In the Connected Megacity demonstration, the company brings the networked city to life and highlight the benefits of collaborative and proactive practices.

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