Frost & Sullivan to discuss social innovation at GIL 2011


Frost & Sullivan announced that the 2011 Global
Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership summit (GIL 2011) will discuss
CEOs perspective on growth.

The research agency will also host the Leadership Panel
that will focus on Growth 2.0.

This panel will find answers to question, Is the growth
that was achieved in the last 10 years sustainable for the next 10?” Better
still” can they plan for even higher levels of growth, given the enormous
potential of the domestic markets that have been hitherto untapped?”

Frost & Sullivan’s GIL
conference will be conducted on September 27th – 28th, 2011 in Mumbai.

“We will examine the dynamics of growth and various
tools and processes companies can use to grow their business,” said David
Frigstad, chairman, Frost & Sullivan, who will deliver the keynote address
at the event.

The three most critical success factors for any corporate
to look beyond the current economic and industry constraints and focus on
sustainability are growth, innovation and leadership. One of the core focus of
the Congress is ‘innovation’. While each sector has unique challenges toward
pursuing innovation as a key growth strategy, some generic challenges that the
congress will deliberate on include mindset shift for organisations,
government/regulatory support, partnership with academia, human capital
management and product development focused on domestic markets.

We will develop relationships and participate in
discussions focused on rethinking and strengthening companies’ growth
strategies. We will uncover new opportunities for growth through identifying
unmet needs and the innovations required to respond to a changing world,” Anand
Rangachary, managing director – South Asia, Middle East and North Africa, Frost
& Sullivan,

The focus on ‘growth’ would be equally significant. With
having a global perspective no longer being a luxury – but a necessity for
organizations, how should small and medium size enterprises deal with a
relentlessly globalizing external environment and how can they learn from the
best practices of their larger counterparts who have success stories to share,
is what this Congress will endeavour to achieve.

The CEOs Perspective on Growth will showcase Frost &
Sullivan’s knowledge on six specific fronts that drive Growth, Innovation and
Leadership. This will empower companies to develop a greater visionary
perspective on their industry, create more innovative growth strategies and
implement them at best practice levels. Additional discussions in uncovering
growth opportunities will include a focus on the top 10 global Mega Trends and
their impact on business, cultures and society.

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