Gemalto @ Mobile World Congress 2013

Telecom Lead @ Mobile World Congress 2013: Gemalto and Macheen have  deployed a new solution for mobile broadband device makers to provide right-sized connectivity.

Utilizing Gemalto’s LinqUs Subscription Manager, Macheen, a mobile cloud applications provider for connected devices, offers Lenovo tablet and laptop users the opportunity to purchase a data plan.

Working in partnership with mobile network operators Three Group in the UK, and KPN in Germany, the solution enables customers to manage mobile broadband subscriptions.

Macheen’s cloud service integrates Gemalto’s LinqUs Subscription Manager and embedded UICC to provide Lenovo with remote personalization capabilities.

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Meanwhile, Gemalto has launched its LinqUs Mobile Wallet that enables NFC services, mobile banking, mobile payment and loyalty programs, all integrated in a single wallet.

The new LinqUs Mobile Wallet extends Gemalto’s software offers and is fully integrated with the broader portfolio of mobile financial services (MFS) solutions. It enables financial service providers and retailers to rapidly deploy a breadth of services that can be customized to their specific needs.

Gemalto’s LinqUs Mobile Wallet solution includes a secure application framework, a dedicated mobile wallet server, and connectivity with Gemalto’s secure platforms for TSM (Trusted Service Management) and mobile payment.

Designed to optimize convenience for end users, consumers can link to existing accounts and cards, or set up new services easily. They can confidently conduct all their banking activities straight from their smartphone, along with transportation, ticketing and access applications. In addition, the wallet also incorporates loyalty and couponing programs for consumers and enables targeted mobile marketing campaigns.
Gemalto’s backend platforms are pre-integrated with the mobile wallet, creating the ideal environment for swift adoption by service providers.

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