Huawei completes Service Quality Improvement trials in Turkey, Belgium and Spain

Telecom Lead @ Mobile World Congress 2013: Huawei has completed trials for its Service Quality Improvement (SQI) solution on networks in Turkey, Belgium, and Spain.

Huawei’s SQI solution – according to the Chinese telecom equipment supplier — measures network service quality, identifies network quality issues, and realizes quality of service improvements.

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The company says SQI solution makes a set of KQI definitions that measure real user experience. With revamped related-analysis methodology, it locates E2E the root cause of a network issue.

Compared to traditional network KPI optimization routines, the SQI solution’s methods improve voice and data QoS while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Huawei’s SQI solution helps partnering operators identify the reliable KQI definitions, locate the service quality issue root cause and optimize all processes to improve service quality.

Huawei’s SQI solution could decrease web browsing delay by 42 percent and increase web download throughput by three times for an overall improvement in service quality.

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