Huawei @ Mobile World Congress 2013

Telecom Lead @ Mobile World Congress 2013: Huawei has added IDEAL Use Cases to its CEM (Customer Experience Management) solution — HUAWEI SmartCare.

The Chinese telecom equipment maker says example cases are used to assist mobile operators in improving customer experience throughout different stages in the subscriber’s life-cycle.

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For example, Huawei’s professional service team will take a scenario, and model it analytically using all available network inputs, as well as various unstructured data sources available from different departments.

Once the model is created, automation takes over in the collection and processing stage by a centralized analytics engine.

Use cases form an interlocking framework that makes each silo within the operator’s organization a stakeholder, resulting in an automated, seamless, and unified operational structure within the organization in the pursuit of CE management and assurance.

Huawei believes that superior end user experience will become the differentiation factor for telecom operators in today’s competitive market.

Huawei and Qualcomm Technologies will jointly demonstrate a scalable UMTS solution.

The solution is expected to enhance spectrum utilization by providing UMTS services with a half bandwidth channel.

Scalable UMTS helps operators realize the benefits of efficient spectrum re-farming, allowing them to maximize their return on network investments.

Scalable UMMTS with half bandwidth UMTS can enable easier and more flexible GSM/UMTS 900 re-farming. Scalable UMTS can also be jointly deployed with Huawei’s UMTS Flexible Carrier Bandwidth solution to save spectrum in deploying small cells. This improves network capacity and user experience in internet hotspots.

Huawei and Qualcomm have completed end-to-end testing of a Scalable UMTS prototype in November 2012 at Huawei’s Shanghai laboratory facilities. The testing showed that Scalable UMTS in a half-bandwidth channel provides the same spectral efficiency as normal UMTS.

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