JDSU plans small cell assurance solution

Telecom Lead @ Mobile World Congress 2013: JDSU says its Small Cell Assurance Solution — announced today — is designed to perform critical testing, monitoring and optimization for small cell networks.

The new testing solution will benefit both service providers and network equipment makers when they implement small cells to scale networks and improve bandwidth and speed for mobile users.

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JDSU’s SCAS — announced at Mobile World Congress 2013 today — is designed to help overcome the unique and complex testing and visibility challenges that small cell environments create.

David Heard, president of the Communications Test and Measurement business segment at JDSU

“Small cells have become the go-to solution for mobile operators to expand network coverage and deliver faster, more reliable service to their customers,” said David Heard, president of the Communications Test and Measurement business segment at JDSU.

Recently, Daryl Schoolar, Network Infrastructure — Ovum, said: “The wireless infrastructure discussion at MWC 2013 will be dominated by three topics: small cells, Big Data, and LTE Advanced (LTE-A). Small cells, both licensed and Wi-Fi, have had a significant presence at MWC over the last couple of years. Without a doubt, the small cell highlight of last year’s event was Alcatel-Lucent’s lightRadio cube network trial. This year, the number of trials should increase, as should the number of real commercial products.”

Meanwhile, during Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Spain this week, JDSU is conducting joint demonstrations with Hitachi Data Systems that showcase how JDSU’s PacketPortal data collection capabilities work with the Hitachi Content Platform to help redefine small cell network testing.

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