Sierra Wireless @ Mobile World Congress 2013

Telecom Lead @ Mobile World Congress 2013: Sierra Wireless announced its M2M solutions.

The architecture will be available across 2G to 4G technologies in the next generation of AirPrime embedded wireless modules, which are the world’s first to be equipped with:

Multicore processor with dedicated application core and integrated M2M functionality that simplifies system design, lowers total system cost, and reduces power consumption.

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Built-in connectivity to secure cloud services, providing simple integration of machine data with enterprise applications and convenient remote management that scales easily to millions of devices.

Open application framework with ready-to-use building blocks, including a substantial set of M2M libraries and development tools that save time for embedded software developers and help them get their products to market.

“While we are seeing rapid growth in the number and types of devices that include integrated wireless connections, the complexity of building and deploying those devices and their related applications remains a key issue for M2M developers,” said Didier Dutronc, senior vice president, M2M Embedded Solutions for Sierra Wireless.

The 2G versions of the next generation AirPrime modules are powered by dedicated M2M system-on-a-chip. Built in collaboration with ARM, it integrates a set of M2M-specific interfaces with a tri-core architecture that includes a 2G EDGE modem, a high-speed ARM application processor, and implementation of the ARM Cortex-M0 processor to enable ultra-low power operation.

Laurence Bryant, director of Mobile Solutions, ARM, said: “Sierra Wireless brings a fresh approach to enable the customization needed in a diverse market by providing an open development environment based on a dedicated Cortex-M0 processor.”

The 3G/4G LTE versions of the new AirPrime modules will utilize Qualcomm Technologies’ Gobi 9×15 chipset, which is a multi-mode modem solution that integrates all the modes of 3G and 4G LTE. With a dedicated ARM Cortex A5 processor with Linux support, these integrated chipsets from Qualcomm Technologies can also host the most robust customer M2M applications.

“Qualcomm’s technology innovations power the connected world of today, from smartphones, laptops and tablets, to a range of other devices that make up the rapidly expanding Internet of Everything,” said Nakul Duggal, vice president, New Markets, Qualcomm Technologies.

Integration with the AirVantage M2M Cloud further reduces the effort and cost to develop, deploy, and operate new M2M solutions. AirVantage offers a secure, scalable device-to-cloud infrastructure and state-of-the-art, globally distributed data centers, and is available in two components.

The AirPrime WP Series, built on the new architecture, will offer the most optimized solution to integrate wireless communications into virtually any industrial-grade device, targeted broadly at a vast number of M2M applications, such as smart metering, remote monitoring, transportation, security systems, networking, and healthcare.

The automotive-grade offering, an extension to the AirPrime AR Series, will provide powerful and robust in-vehicle connectivity and is designed to meet demanding automotive manufacturing standards while reducing integration complexity.

Samples of the modules are expected to be available beginning in the second quarter of this year.

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