ST-Ericsson adds Metaio’s Augmented Reality hardware IP for mobile platforms


Telecom Lead India: ST-Ericsson will integrate Metaio’s Augmented Reality hardware IP (AREngine) into ST-Ericsson’s mobile platforms.

This — according to Metaio — will result in the telecom industry’s first application processor accelerating Augmented Reality performance on mobile devices.

Metaio claims that its technology inserts nearly any 3D and virtual content into the real world by recognizing images, objects and entire environments.

In addition, the Metaio AREngine reduces power consumption making
all-day AR experiences possible.

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This collaboration will improve nearly all aspects of an Augmented Reality experience, yielding performance increases in speed, precision and power consumption, with up to 60 times faster initialization, more than an AR app running on existing platforms – the highest to date in the mobile industry.

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