Telematics proves indispensible at Telematics Munich 2011


As with any developing technology space, it is easy to
think that all progression is risky, as there are no direct experiences to
reflect on. However, this is never really the case. The parallels that can be
drawn cross-sector between emerging technologies are paramount.


It has been noted that the current state of telematics
resembles the transition period that the mobile space saw pre and post iPhone.
Telematics is on the cusp of a large scale enigmatic change and now it’s time
to reap the rewards from the seeds that have already been sown.


As with the mobile industry, telematics is reaching
summit point in-terms of the hardware and equipment that is available and
therefore the industry is starting to differentiate itself in a new manner:
Applications and services


The smartphone revolutionised the post-sales download
market and this is exactly what we should expect to see with


These changes will involve the upsurge of current
business models and practices in the industry and therefore cannot be tackled
alone. Sharing and learning from past and current experience is the only way to
survive in this turbulent environment.


Telematics Munich 2011 Conference and Exhibition
(9th-10th November) will bring together executives and thought leaders to allow
you to learn about the latest business model solutions and maximise on
partnership and networking opportunities.


An independently researched program and a world renowned
collection of over 50 expert speakers will ensure your business is fully
prepared for the emerging new-era of telematics.


Expert speakers from Fiat, Audi, SAAB, Volvo, BMW, Ford,
Toyota, Continental, Zurich, ERTICO, The Linux Foundation, Generali and many


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