Texas Instruments @ Mobile World Congress 2013

Telecom Lead @ Mobile World Congress 2013: Texas Instruments has launched IntelliBright system, image processing algorithms designed to boost image brightness and contrast.

IntelliBright will enhance new DLP Pico products – mobile phones, tablets, digital video players, mobile accessories, and near-eye displays.

TI claims that IntelliBright algorithms will intelligently analyze image content real-time and create brighter, higher contrast images without raising net power consumption.

DLP Pico is currently collaborating with manufactures to integrate IntelliBright and the TRP architecture into next generation products to deliver superior display performance.

For consumers, IntelliBright means clearer, more vivid images in bright lighting conditions as well as longer battery life. For manufacturers, IntelliBright will offer further flexibility to tailor product performance to the specific needs of their customers and markets.

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Meanwhile, Texas Instruments and Sub10 Systems, a manufacturer of point-to-point millimetre wave radio links, announced their collaboration for a backhaul solution for small cell base stations.

By using TI’s KeyStone-based TMS320C6678 multicore digital signal processors (DSPs) in their new Liberator V100, Sub10 Systems is able to more effectively and rapidly meet the operators’ challenges of improving resilience in hostile radio conditions.

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