ZTE launches 4G / LTE cloud radio solution

Telecom Lead @ Mobile World Congress 2013: ZTE has launched its 4G cloud radio solution that can adapt to existing transmissions for operators.

ZTE claims that this adaptability improves network performance of operators. Moreover, cloud radio enables dynamic coordination and guarantees a smooth user experience, especially on the cell edge.

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“ZTE never stops innovating for our customers, and we are proud to announce our cloud radio solution,” said ZTE Vice President Dr. Wang Shouchen. “We expect cloud radio will bring a plethora of benefits to operators as 4G progresses.”

Cloud radio is an emerging solution and aimed to help operators solve a series of key problems during network evolution progress to 4G, such as unbalanced load in 2G, 3G and LTE networks, uneven cell edge user experiences etc.

Recently, ZTE launched a new backhaul solutions for LTE / 4G Small Cell technology. Leveraging the news LTE solution enables operators to address rising subscriber demand for mobile broadband.

ZTE’s new backhaul solutions for LTE Small Cells will address technical challenges involving high capacity, low-cost, security and speed of network construction.

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