Does Vodafone have a Data Strong Network in India?

Vodafone India Data Strong Network
Vodafone India’s latest advertising campaign throws light on the Data Strong Network that supports its 200 million plus mobile customers.

The UK telecom operator’s India business started the advertising campaign focusing on adding new customers and retaining existing ones on the data network. Airtel is doing the campaign focusing on Ookla test result.
India faster mobile network

Vodafone India network

Vodafone, which has a limited presence in both 3G and 4G data space, has already lost some mobile data customers to rival operator Reliance Jio Infocomm. Vodafone India had 35.9 million 3G and 4G subscribers in H1 fiscal 2017. Jio recently claimed that it has received 72 million paid customers to its nationwide 4G network.

Vodafone India had 75,854 3G and 4G sites till September 2016. Earlier, Vodafone said its 140,000 sites have managed 200.7 million mobile subscribers as of March 2016. The following two charts show that Vodafone 4G networks do not offer the best speed to its 4G customers.
4G upload speed in India in Jan-Feb-March
Chart on 4G upload speed in India in Jan-Feb-March: source TRAI

For comparison, Airtel said it has doubled cell sites to 180,000 in the last two years – in a bid to claim as the widest network. Reliance Jio will be expanding its cell sites to 200,000 in coming months from 100,000. Reliance Jio manages its 100 million customers on 100,000 cell sites.
4G download speed in India in Jan-Feb-March
Chart on 4G download speed in India in Jan-Feb-March: source TRAI

Vodafone India has earlier revealed that Capex (capital expenditure) in H1 fiscal 2017 was Rs 3,356 crore. Thanks to its huge investment plans, Vodafone had 86 percent coverage in India including 80 percent in rural areas.

Vodafone has the strongest data network for its 3G customers, the following charts from TRAI reveal. But the data speed experience is not consistent.
3G upload speed in India in Jan-Feb-March
Chart showing 3G upload speed in India in Jan-Feb-March: source TRAI

Despite investments in data networks, Vodafone India’s mobile data customers are not enjoying the best data networks in India, reveals TRAI statistics. Poor customer experience may have Vodafone prompted to go for another round of advertising campaigns.
3G download speed in India in Jan-Feb-March
Chart showing 3G download speed in India in Jan-Feb-March: source TRAI

Backed by its global expertise of the world’s largest 4G network, Vodafone has built the SuperNet 4G data strong network to give fast and consistent internet experience for the most data-heavy activities, in the most crowded of places and even while on-the-go.

Indians are using mobile internet for applications like live streaming, maps, movie download, group video calls, etc.

“Vodafone continues to invest in building Vodafone SuperNet 4G – The Data Strong Network to provide a fast and consistent mobile internet experience for our customers,” said Siddharth Banerjee, executive vice president, Marketing, Vodafone India.

Vodafone India revenue

Vodafone India is facing the possibility of further drop in service revenue in Q4 fiscal 2017. Vodafone India’s service revenue fell 5.5 percent to €1,452 million in the December quarter of 2016 — driven by competitive pressure from Reliance Jio.

Vodafone India said data revenue growth slowed from 16 percent in Q2 to 0.6 percent in Q3 due to the impact of free services from Reliance Jio. Its data customer base fell to 65 million from 69.6 million in Q3, mainly reflecting fewer 2G users.

Vodafone India’s data pricing fell 11 percent, while the growth in data usage per customer slowed to 15 percent compared to 28 percent in Q2, reaching 505MB in Q3.

Voice revenue declined 3 percent against 2.7 percent growth in Q as the benefit of higher incoming volumes and a larger customer base was offset by lower usage per customer and a 4 percent year-on-year decline in voice prices.

Vodafone increased 4G services presence to 17 telecom circles from 9 circles prior to the spectrum auction in October 2016. These circles cover around 91 percent of service revenues and 94 percent of data revenues of Vodafone.

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