Videocon Telecom offers double data from midnight to 7 AM

Videocon Telecom offers double data
Mobile network operator Videocon Telecom today announced double data from midnight to 7 AM to bolster its mobile Internet business.

Videocon Telecom, a regional telecom network operator, is following the footsteps of rival wireless leader Bharti Airtel. Airtel recently offered a 50 percent cash back offer for mobile subscribers who surf the Internet from midnight to 6 AM.

Videocon Telecom said the double data benefit will be applicable on all standard data packs starting at price point of Rs 13, and going up to Rs 251, offering bundled data of 120 MB to 3GB respectively.

The telecom network operator said 20 percent of data usage happens from midnight to 7AM, while approx 17 percent of data users consume more than 50 percent of their data during night hours. The network utilization is low at night hours and customers will enjoy better data download speeds free of cost.

Videocon Telecom reported 126 percent growth in data consumption last year. The company aims to increase its overall data consumption by over 50 percent and data revenue by approx 25 percent in next 6 months with the new mobile Internet program.

Videocon Telecom is aiming for 6 percent increase in data penetration, 20 percent increase in data consumption per user per month to 230 MB. The realization per GB for data will however drop by approx 20 percent owing to the double data offer and other segmented offers.

Arvind Bali, director and CEO, Videocon Telecom said: “Last year we grew our data business by 126 percent, which is almost double the pace of the industry data growth at 74 percent. This initiative along with other micromarketing initiatives on data will for sure help us surpass our growth of last year.”

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