Computex 2012: Marvell and ZTE to showcase new modem

Telecom Lead at
Computex 2012
: Marvell and ZTE are showcasing a new modem at Computex 2012.

Marvell said its ITU-T transceiver chipset is
at the core of ZTE’s new ZXHN H505, offering a high level of performance and
flexibility for streaming multimedia applications.

“Marvell’s chipset has already garnered
outstanding accolades and reviews, making it the clear choice for a product
that must differentiate itself in a crowded marketplace. Marvell has a thorough
understanding of how to build silicon to support the entire connected
ecosystem, and we’re excited to watch the ZXHN H505 usher in a new era of
enjoyment and possibility in home entertainment,” said Zhu Yue, director
of home networking of ZTE.

Marvell has picked up considerable momentum with its
chipset after the technology’s debut in September 2011.

For the ZXHN H505, ZTE has implemented Marvell’s entire
GE-DW360F Powerline reference design, which includes a
MAC/PHY transceiver; the Marvell 88SE1510 Gigabit PHY; the 88LX3142 digital
baseband processor; the 88LX2718 analog front end; full ITU-T protocol
stack; and a powerful software API.

Marvell’s chipset offers a range of other benefits as
well.  ITU-T compliance offers a multi-source ecosystem; reduced cost,
complexity and time to market; and the advantage of global support across
countries, regulators and vendors.

Moreover, it offers complete unification of the home
wireline network, including Powerline, Coax and Phoneline, to distribute more
content to more screens in more rooms in the home. In all, Marvell’s Powerline
reference design is the ideal solution for data-rich, real-time applications
such as HD IPTV, VoIP, gaming, multi-room DVR and beyond.

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