Enterprises lag behind in mobile applications management, says AOTMP survey

Telecom Lead America: There is large disconnect between
the management of mobile applications on corporate-owned and employee-owned
devices, according to AOTMP.

The research revealed that 72 percent of enterprises
manage work-related applications on corporate-owned wireless devices, while
only 38 percent manage work-related applications on employee-owned devices.

Irrespective of device ownership, 15 percent of
enterprises cited that they do not manage any work-related applications on
mobile devices.

For 45 percent of enterprises, monitoring and tracking of
mobile applications, was not a priority for their organizations, while 38
percent referenced a lack of internal resources as the reason for not
monitoring and tracking mobile applications.

For nearly 50 percent of enterprises, lack of appropriate
tools and technology was the reason for not monitoring and tracking
applications on corporate-owned mobile devices, while 40 percent indicate that
it is not a priority.

Of the surveyed only 54 percent of enterprises indicated
that they know the number of mobile application licenses they own and the
number of licenses which are currently in use.

“As businesses grapple with the question of allowing
employee-owned wireless devices they must also address their mobile application
management practices,” noted Tim Lybrook, CEO of AOTMP. “The market
is clearly lacking in defined practices and standards in this area today.”


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