Nokia Ovi Store Announces Special Apps for Mothers Day

Nokia has announced two special apps for Mothers Day on May 8, from the Nokia Ovi Store, Mothers Day Kidd Ringtone and Mommie’s Helper.  Both apps are free of cost and can be downloaded from the online Nokia Ovi store, and will be available for an unlimited period, even post Mothers Day.

The Mothers Day Kidd Ringtone is a 0.44 MB Inode mobile ringtone that can also be shared with friends. Mommie’s helper, a part of Everyday Apps at 0.11 MB aids pregnant women and young mothers to keep track of important details concerning the development of their unborn baby – with the help of their Symbian mobile device: baby’s movements, contractions, feedings, sleeping times and diaper changes.

Apart from these apps, other Top Apps from Nokia’s Ovi Store like WhatsApp Messenger,  HangmanKids,  Qik Video Camera Lite  and MOLOME are also being promoted for Mothers Day by Nokia Ovi Store.

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