TeleCommunication Systems signs LBS contract with Cricket Communications


Systems, a provider in highly reliable and secure mobile communication
technology, announced it has signed a multi-year managed services contract with
Cricket Communications to support Crickets Location-Based Services (LBS)
infrastructure throughout its U.S. wireless markets.


comprehensive management of hardware, software, installation, scalability,
maintenance and around-the-clock operation enables Cricket Communications to
provide precise location information into location-based applications for its


is known for respecting its customers’ wallets, so it is no surprise that they
would adopt this model to support its location-based services, a market
expected by Frost and Sullivan to grow to $1.6 billion in the U.S. by the end
of 2015,” said Joe Hannan, group vice president of location products for


TCS’ Xypoint
Position Determining Engine (PDE) module provides the precise location of
devices in an operator’s CDMA network. This precise location data is provided
to consumer and enterprise location-based mobile solutions, including the
Cricket Navigator application powered by TCS.


TCS PDE enables
a quick, precise location fix in challenging environments including indoors, in
dense, urban canyons and in rural areas with limited network coverage.


TCS also
provides other location technology deployment business models such as
in-network licenses and maintenance, and hosted services.


leveraging TCS’ managed LBS services, they can participate in a growth market
in a cost-effective way. As the demand for LBS continues to increase, Cricket
has found a way of keeping costs down and reliability up,” Hannan added.


Hughes Network
Systems recently announced that
TeleCommunication Systems incorporates the Hughes HX VSAT system in its TCS HX
Enabled Secure Satellite Network.


The network
service will be sold by both TCS and Hughes. The service will provide
international satellite coverage for government and military customers,
enhancing TCS’s C4ISR prominence in secure communications solutions.


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