CARE Ratings CTO says Indian enterprises gear up for using 4G

Telecom Lead Asia: Umesh Ikhe, group CTO, CARE Ratings, says Indian enterprises are gearing up to utilize 4G services from companies such as Airtel and Reliance Industries.

But 4G / LTE is in infant stage in India with Bharti Airtel the only operator to launch the fourth generation mobile broadband in Bangalore, Kolkatta and Pune.

At present, there is no indication about Reliance Industries’ launch dates.

CARE Ratings CTO says 4G services will bring and empower users with super-fast access to internet on their tablets. It is technology boom for marketing and sales organization.

Umesh Ikhe, group CTO, CARE Ratings

“We at CARE use video conferencing to facilitate within organization and for connecting with our customers. 4G would enable us with reliable fast high definition (HD) video streaming on video conferencing across all locations,” Ikhe added.

Indian telecom market is experiencing Wi-Fi boom as well.

Bharti Airtel is the primary service provider for Wi-Fi for CARE Ratings. “We are building dual partner policy for our organization,” Ikhe added.

Like any other Indian enterprises, CARE Ratings is evaluating its BYOD policy.

“In our organization considering the confidential information we deal with, we are evaluating the adaptability and methodology to implementing BYOD policy with suitable MDM application implemented,” Ikhe said. “Social media helps to penetrate and reach to new users. We use social media like twitter and Linked-In to publish industry articles, views and research reports. Social media is impending factor which is helping us for our growth.”

As a group CTO, Ikhe led IT vision and strategy for CARE Ratings and group companies. Ikhe is bringing collaboration and consolidation on technology by introducing new technologies for the group. He is also responsible for technology overhaul and migration of Care Kalypto Risk

Management suite (ERM application).

CARE Ratings is in the process of implementing new initiatives like infrastructure and application virtualization; unified communications application over voice; video across gadgets; data protection and securing documents; Business Intelligence and analytics; data warehouse and BYOD.

For CARE Ratings, a rating company in Indian market and expanding to other geographies, data security is one of the prime priorities considering the confidential information of clients. It is deploying industry adapted best practices like DLP and IRM for data security. Compliance with regulators is a critical factor for security initiatives.

The CTO says CARE Rating has a long credible standing in market for providing rating and allied services. The IT Dept at CARE Ratings strive to align best technology solutions for its business.

Some of the challenges CARE faces: technology penetration among business users; user involvement in technology initiatives; aligning IT priorities with business priorities and distributed data marts implementation.

He says cloud computing has changed the way IT hardware/ software is purchased, designed and used. With its promise of infinite scalability and a pay-as-you-go pricing model, it has immensely profited to small and medium business by lowering barriers to market growth with substantial reduction in technology costs and upfront investments. Cloud computing has bought utility computing closer to reality.

Information theft, delayed projects, lost worker productivity due to unavailability of IT services, mobile computing are the risks. To mitigate information theft, CARE provides access to users on a need to know basis and as per adequacy to current business requirements and emerging regulations. Periodic review of projects and tracking them to handle the bottlenecks enable the company to eradicate delayed projects.

CARE Ratings is in process of deploying a DR & virtualization which would enable to give continued access to IT services.


Anand B