Tata Teleservices president – Enterprise Business Solution MA Madhusudan on cloud deployments

Tata Teleservices in building a strong enterprise business portfolio in India. Tata Teleservices president – Enterprise Business Solution MA Madhusudan says since most Cloud applications are architected for multi tenant use, Cloud vendors do not support customizations.

M A Madhusudan

Excerpts of the interview:

What are your to tips and solutions to enterprise CIOs to improve RoI from cloud deployments?

Costs are better controlled if CIOs know the impact of cloud adoption. Detailed planning is required while migrating from legacy applications to cloud applications. Legacy applications are usually supported with an environment of extensive customizations and work around. Since most Cloud applications are architected for multi tenant use, Cloud vendors do not support customizations.

CIOs should plan for proper adoption of the Cloud application in the organization. Users should be thoroughly trained on the use of the new application. Softer aspects like work culture/ sensitivity should also be thought thru. For instance, users need to accept the fact that sensitive data will no longer be in physical proximity.

How Cloud is contributing to security issues?

Cloud deployments can be of various types – Open, Private or Hybrid Clouds. The very concept of Cloud services is to offer multi tenanted services from non premise locations. It therefore poses a challenge to legislators around the world. National laws become ineffective in dealing with service providers or business models that cut across national borders. This is why good governance and corporate responsibility become critical in choosing a Cloud service provider.

Which are the main industry verticals that are deploying cloud?

Industries that have higher ICT adoption are usually faster in Cloud adoption. Cost saving and efficiency improvements are more visible in such industries. So, industry segments like BPO/ KPO, BFSI, Logistics, etc are quicker in adopting Cloud applications.

What are the latest cloud trends?

The initial phase of Cloud related to Infrastructure as a Service. We are seeing greater acceptance of Software as a Service and Platform as a Service.

What are your new cloud offerings?

Tata Teleservices has launched the following Cloud services:

1.      Instameet – An online application for training, collaboration and meeting needs.

2.      InstaOffice  – A set of versatile online tools for  Email, Calendar, Groups, Chat, Docs, Videos etc. Employees can handle increasing amounts of information, keep up with work while travelling, and share information with Colleagues, Customers and Partners.

3.      InstaHRMS – an end to end HR software solution that addresses Hire to Retire needs.

What are the pricing related concerns on cloud deployments from CIOs?

Customers are value conscious. Cloud deployments enhance value by increasing efficiency and saving costs. Pricing has to be seen in this light.  If the Value cannot be shown, then there is resistance to the price.