2ergo to leverage opportunities from declining ARPU of mobile operators

2ergo is an international mobile business and marketing
solutions company. Speaking about
the mobile business and marketing solutions
, Rajbir Singh Bhandal,
managing director, 2ergo India,
also tells us the how he finds the challenge of decreasing ARPU as an
opportunity for the company.


How does 2egro
help companies develop and execute mobile strategies to reduce CAPEX?


As a mobile technology
partner, we are often seen as the outsourced technology arm for companies. We
save our clients on capex and headcount costs on projects like mobile
couponing, IVR/SMS systems, mobile web and apps. Since we work with several
clients at the same time we are better and more efficient at handling the
supporting infrastructure like servers, support staff, hardware and once again
this results in capex savings. Almost all of our solutions are cloud-based with
very lean setup costs.


 What is
the uniqueness of 2ergo?


We are a listed company in
 UK with offices in multiple geographies. Our geographical
spread and scale allow us to provide high quality products and platforms. We
have organised our businesses to cater to consumer and business needs, and
hence naturally possess a broad spectrum of mobile technologies across mobile apps,
SMS, mWeb, Voice and couponing.



challenges do you face as at present
 India is
facing problem of downgrading ARPU? 


We see this problem as an
opportunity since it forces the ecosystem to come up with fresh new services.
2ergo is strong in mobile data solutions and the next wave of services will
ride on mWeb and apps and we’re well poised to provide good service in those


What is your
take think of TRAI’s SMS Spam Regulations?


I have more radical
modification”¦ we have two parties that are the root cause of SMS spamming, the
buy (advertiser) and sell (Bulk SMS company) side. All the regulation is geared
toward trying to more tightly police and punish the sell side. I think
something should also be done to put pressure on the buy side to also fall in
line e.g. they are only allowed to advertise with registered Bulk SMS providers
who can guarantee full compliance to the regulations, if they don’t then they
get fined.



What are your
future plans? Any expansion plans in pipeline? 


Our expansion plans are
focused around the opportunity to help companies improve business performance
through apps running both on their employee and customer handheld computers
(previously known as mobile phones)



By Rashi Varshney
[email protected]