3G to drive demand for VAS services in India


Mobile continues to fuel growth in the Indian telecom
sector with mobile subscriber base projected to grow at a CAGR of around 6.6
percent during 2011-12 – 2014-15, according to RNCOS.



With growing mobile subscribers’ base, mobile VAS
services are anticipated to witness strong growth in terms of revenue
generation in the coming years. Moreover, with the launch of 3G services, the
country is expected to witness rapid surge in the demand for VAS services in
the telecom market.


The internet penetration in the Indian telecom market is also on rise with the
deployment of 3G networks. The deployment of 3G network is also expected to
support the development of the Indian broadband market, which is currently
hampered by the lack of infrastructure. Moreover, internet penetration is
expected to rise with online gaming market, internet-rich applications, online
sales etc.


With the launch of 3G services, mobile handset market is also expected to register
a robust growth in near future. Moreover, mobile handset market is expected to
register robust growth in near future. Especially, the demand for 3G enabled
handsets is expected to increase in the market with rising 3G penetration.



The RNCOS report
called Indian Telecom Analysis (2008-2012)” is an outcome of an extensive
research and conceptual analysis of the telecom industry in India. The report
provides a detail study of the Indian telecom sector and presents an analysis
of the competitive environment prevailing in the industry.



The report studies fixed, mobile, Internet, and broadband
markets in terms of both players as well as number of subscribers. It also
presents future outlook of the Indian telecom sector to help clients identify
the growth opportunities in the market. Besides, the report covers the
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By TelecomLead.com Team