4 chip makers assemble at G.hn Interoperability Plugfest


Four G.hn chipset manufacturers converged in Geneva,
for the world’s first open G.hn Interoperability


A joint effort of HomeGrid Forum and the Broadband Forum
hosted at the ITU-T’s global 
headquarters and organized by University of New Hampshire
Laboratory, The event presented the first open
opportunity for 
silicon vendors to test the interoperability of their
products, based on 
the G.hn home networking standard, which will be globally
deployed by many 
service providers, PC manufacturers, appliance
manufacturers and consumer
electronics companies.



Lantiq, Marvell Semiconductor, Metanoia, and Sigma
Designs participated in 
the interoperability event with their G.hn silicon test
platforms. The 
success achieved highlights the maturity of the various
vendors’ designs 
as well as the completeness of the G.hn standard.  G.hn
is critical as it ensures a common standard for very high
speed home 
networking options across different wired media.



“G.hn is here. It’s now, service providers are
excited we have concluded this event and we are 
thrilled to report the successful completion of the
testing. G.hn is 
already a reality with silicon now ready for
deployment,” said Matt Theall, president of HomeGrid Forum.


“The Broadband Forum is
happy that the first G.hn Interoperability 
Plugfest has been completed successfully. We look forward
to the next 
steps in completing the test plans required to enable
interoperability of 
G.hn products,” said Robin Mersh, CEO of the
Broadband Forum.



HomeGrid Forum is rolling out its Compliance and
certification program in 2011, allowing HomeGrid Forum
certified products 
to be brought to the market this year and establishing a
new industry 
benchmark of technology excellence for wired home



By telecomlead.com Team

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