65 percent of online cell phone/Smartphone users face signal issues indoors


Around 65 percent of online cell phone/smartphone owners
experience problems with their cell phone or smartphone service including
dropped calls or data, poor reception or dead zones in their home or poor
signal reception or dead zones at work.


Approximately 71 percent consider their cell
phone/smartphone their essential voice and/or data connection tool, according
to the recent zBoost State of the Signal Survey, commissioned by Wi-Ex, a provider of consumer and commercial cell phone signal boosters, and conducted
online by Harris Interactive in April 2011.


A strong indoor cell phone signal helps customers
maximize their experience on their smartphone, iPhone, DROID, iPad or other
connected devices and tablets. However, with 65 percent of smartphone/cell
phone owners still experiencing things like dropped calls, poor reception, slow
data and dead zones, there are a lot of unsatisfied users,” said Sharon
Cuppett, vice-president of marketing at Wi-Ex.


“The zBoost line of cell phone signal boosters
provides a solution that will improve indoor cell phone signal, provide faster
data and increase battery life. No longer will users have to go outside, stand
by a window or as we learned in our recent survey crouch down in a corner, lift
one leg, move around the room or wave around in air, spin in circles and hop on
one leg – all in an effort to use their smartphone or cell phone,” Cuppett


From standing in one room to heading outdoors, the zBoost
State of the Signal Survey found that 69 percent of online cell phone/smartphone owners who make calls
indoors have done something to improve signal reception.


The zBoost line allows consumers to take full advantage
of data, voice and Internet services on their iPhones, iPads, connected devices
and smartphones including 3G high-speed data and video, instant messaging,
pictures and more – at home, in their personal workspace or in the office, both
in the U.S. and abroad.


By TelecomLead.com Team
[email protected]