75% business travelers rely on mobile Internet to up productivity

Use of mobile technology by business travelers continues to increase, opening
the door for increased business traveler interaction.

75 percent of business travelers access the Internet via mobile phones.

58 percent of business travelers report using mobile phones to accomplish the
same tasks that they would typically complete on a computer.

42 percent report accessing the web via mobile to complete actions they
wouldn’t typically take on via a computer, according to a study from
PhoCusWright sponsored by Rearden Commerce.

“Mobile represents a major opportunity for every participant in the business
travel ecosystem – corporations, merchants, agents and travelers,” said Tony
D’Astolfo, senior vice president, Travel Services, Rearden Commerce.

“Forward-looking companies understand that mobile will play a major role today
and in the future of business travel, and are deploying mobile solution aimed
at delivering knowledge, convenience, savings and assistance to on-the-go
business travelers,” D’Astolfo added.

Business travelers are most interested in mobile solutions that cater to who
they are and where they’re currently located.

With 84 percent reporting using smart phones for business use during travel,
participants indicated their top three travel-related activities via mobile
phone today are focused on location: mapping or finding directions (80
percent); researching local activities (63 percent); and researching
destination information (55 percent).

The traveler’s propensity to act on that location-based information via mobile
phone is substantial, with 30 percent reporting they would like to receive
personalized offers specific to their destination.

The next wave of innovation will come from those companies that understand it’s
all about a business traveler’s context and location where a traveler is,
what they are doing and what is relevant to them, and to the company they work
for, at that point in time.

It’s why we are so focused on ensuring our mobile solution is personalized and
anticipatory – keeping the traveler productive and efficient, providing the
merchant with the opportunity to merchandise, and delivering savings and
peace-of-mind to the corporate travel manager.

By Telecomlead.com Team

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