90 percent customers opt for cloud-based video conferencing

Nefsis Video Conferencing
announced that 90 percent of customers opt for its cloud-based offering versus
on-premise alternatives. This development is significant because in 2008, only
50 percent customers were looking for cloud based offerings in 2008.


There is a continuing shift from premise-based
infrastructure to cloud-based video conferencing solutions among business


Nefsis offers multipoint HD video conferencing
for desktops and rooms, with built-in advanced collaboration tools. The Company’s
technology is available via cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery
and on-premise installable software alternatives. Nefsis reports its product
mix has grown to 90 percent in favor of cloud-based delivery.


“Of course our own customer base isn’t necessarily
representative of the broad market, but our product mix is an interesting data
point because it’s the same software, whether running on our cloud or
customer-provided servers. 90 percent pick ‘cloud,’ up from 50 percent three
years ago,” said Tom Toperczer, vice president of Marketing, Nefsis,


“We attribute this growth to the customer benefits
of cloud computing: it’s far less expensive and easier to expand versus
infrastructure hardware alternatives such as video routers, multichannel units,
and gateway servers,” Tom added.


Nefsis represents a new approach to
multiparty business video conferencing, where just an online service
subscription and any webcam or video peripheral is all that is needed for
successful conferences.


It takes only minutes for a conference host to activate
an account, invited participants merely click on a web link. The latest
software-based technologies such as cloud computing, scalable video and automated
bandwidth throttling provide the best quality video possible over existing
networks, up to and including multipoint HD.


The company’s technology can be deployed as an online
service and on-premise, single- or multiple-server configurations, providing the
full spectrum of pure, hybrid, and private cloud options.


Nefsis expects to continue offering the latter to satisfy
a long list of specialty requirements including customer PKI integration, UC
integration, mixed wireline and satellite VPNs, and anywhere IT staff require
more detailed controls over routing, access, and security.


By TelecomLead.com Team
[email protected]



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