Aastra signs up Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport in China

Aastra announced that it has reinforced its position at the forefront of
the enterprise communications market with a significant installation in China.

The global communications organization has upgraded the telecoms system
at Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport, the busiest airport in North East

Aastra has helped Dalian Airport to enhance communications both
internally and for customers. With the installation of Aastra’s MX-ONE, the
airport’s system has expanded from 2000 lines to 4000 lines. In addition, the
contact center has significantly improved, enabling staff to respond to
customers far more effectively.

By upgrading from the former MD110 system to the MX-ONE and utilizing
the remote module of the PABX, the main airport terminal, the administrative
office and other small offices which are further away from the airport
terminal, all benefit from Aastra’s new installation.

“Working alongside our partner, Dalian Tian Xin Communication
Technologies, we won the competitive tender for the upgrade because we were
able to demonstrate a strong and effective migration solution, with
future-proof investment,” said Tao Qing of Aastra.

A reliable, robust and efficient communications system is critical to
the smooth running of any airport and with over 10 million passengers passing
through Dalian Airport last year, Dalian’s choice of supplier and product was

Aastra has a recognized presence in the transportation and airport
sector and this latest win illustrates the strength of our offering in this

China is a key market for Aastra as the company continues to expand
globally. Securing the contract at Dalian Airport was a big achievement for

“With Aastra’s leading communications solutions, our different needs
have been met by upgrading our system. The Dalian Airport communications system
is safer, more stable and reliable. The new system also provides us with better
daily work efficiency,” said Xiaojun Tan, head of Communications at Dalian

By Telecomlead.com Team
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