ABB unveils wireless bridge and mesh router

Telecom Lead America: ABB, a power and automation
technology group, has launched the Tropos 1410-HAZ wireless mesh router and
wireless bridge, which is designed to provide wireless communications for field
automation applications.

The company claims that the Tropos 1410-HAZ is certified
for use in Class I, Division 2 (US) and Class I, Zone 2 (US and Canada)
hazardous locations.

The certification allows the Tropos 1410-HAZ to be
deployed in locations such as the wellheads of oil and gas wells, oil and
natural gas storage and processing facilities, refineries, chemical production
facilities, waste water and water treatment plants, and pulp and paper plants.

The company said the Tropos 1410-HAZ extends the
application reach of the Tropos 1410 product line, which allows installation in
potentially hazardous locations.

With ruggedized and weatherized enclosure, the Tropos
1410-HAZ is suitable for use in extreme outdoor environments.

Tropos 1410 wireless mesh routers and wireless bridges
make secure, IP-based field area communication networks serving thousands of
automation endpoints.

Andy Balaschak, product management director for ABB’s
Tropos product line said that the Tropos 1410-HAZ brings broadband wireless
communications to potentially hazardous areas of large, outdoor industrial
facilities, supporting current applications while providing the foundation for
future field automation applications such as the digital oilfield.

The wireless mesh router and wireless bridge can also be
centrally managed by the Tropos Control wireless network management

The company has begun accepting orders for Tropos
1410-HAZ wireless bridges and mesh routers.

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