Acision launches international network of cloud based data centers

Acision, a provider of mobile messaging services,
launched an international network of cloud based data centers, enabling it to
offer on-demand messaging services from within the Acision Cloud Service Store.


Initially, the network of data centers will be live
in North America, South America and Europe, with plans to
follow in APAC shortly.


The advanced data centers will allow Acision to meet the
growing demand for access to its expanding range of cloud-based messaging


“With a global network of data centers we will
enable operators to realize the power of the cloud, encouraging a more dynamic
mobile messaging landscape with greater service differentiation at a lower cost
and with faster delivery,” said Jorgen Nilsson, chief executive at Acision.


The Acision Cloud Service Store will initially offer
Personalised Messaging Services including Group Messaging, Auto-Reply and
Auto-Signature, Message Copy, Personalised Black / White list, Distribution
List, Multi-SIM, Alias and Divert.


The data centers will deliver scalable, reliable
connectivity to multiple domestic and international sites underpinned by fiber
backbone networks and undersea cabling.


Also, these data centers will offer mobile
operators easy access to the Acision Cloud Service Store from virtually any
location in the world,


The network will ensure that operators can take advantage
of easily monetized messaging services with cost effective expenditure and
investment in bandwidth costs.


Additionally, the data centres  will be backed
up by 24/7 support, complemented with Acision’s complete KPI and service
intelligence reporting, to test and gauge usage results of the services
delivered in the cloud.


Acision announced details of this Cloud Services Delivery Model, with
solutions in the month of September, last year.


Acision’s approach to deploying Software as a Service
(SaaS) is enabling mobile operators to cost effectively respond to changing
technology developments and end user preferences, by having the ability to
access and offer customers new value added services from the cloud while
maximizing their revenue-generating potential.


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