ACT Conferencing launches simpler platform for meeting virtually


ACT Conferencing announced the launch of teem, a unified
audio, video and web conferencing solution that results in simpler, more
efficient and personalized virtual meeting experiences.


teem was created with the end user in mind, with an
appealing and intuitive portal offering the ultimate in ease of use.


teem features single-click sign on for meeting
participants, making joining conferences easier than ever before.


teem’s Customizable participant cards” showing location,
phone number, photo and more, making the corporate conferencing experience more
intimate. Its role-based access allowing hosts to quickly customize meetings to
their specifications.


Our goal with teem was to develop a product that
is flexible and scalable, so that it fits seamlessly into our customer’s
environment,” said Mark Kelly, president of ACT Conferencing.


We are dedicated to facilitating meaningful teamwork,
regardless of location, through superior web, audio and video conferencing.
teem is the next evolution of virtual meetings,” Kelly added.


teem is deployed on an IP media server, allowing for
unlimited and flexible integration points with a variety of other end-user
applications, helping to create a customized unified communications environment
for the customer.


The open architecture provides a canvas for a robust
provisioning engine for channel partners, mobility capabilities, desktop video,
content management, unlimited branding capabilities, country requested
localization and language support, ERP interfaces and LDAP integration.


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