Actiontec earns ICSA Labs Certification for broadband home routers

ICSA Labs has awarded the first Managed Broadband Home
Router Certification to Actiontec’s M1424WR family of wireless home routers,
which includes MI424-WR Rev.E and MI424-WR Rev.F.

“While attacks targeted at routers are not a new
threat, we are seeing an increase in attacks against broadband home
routers,” said Brian Monkman, technology programs manager, ICSA Labs.

This threat is exacerbated by the fact that all too
often, consumers assume that these products, which are designed to be
configured quickly and easily, have the appropriate safeguards in place.  

It is important that a broadband home router is secure
right out of its box.  Consumers receiving a router such as an Actiontec
managed router from their service provider that has been tested and certified
by ICSA Labs can be confident in the security of their router,” said Brian
Henrichs, chief business development officer at Actiontec.

As BHRs are considered a type of firewall appliance, the
router certification program will launch as part of ICSA Labs’ Network Firewall
Program, which was established in 1995 and evaluates the effectiveness and
security measures of network firewalls.

The certification program was developed under ICSA Labs’
ISO 9001/IEC 17025 accredited framework, which verifies the organization’s
quality-management systems and technical competence.

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