AdoTube partners with Evidon to offer third-party privacy assurance in video stream


AdoTube, an in-stream video advertising technology
provider, announced that they are using Evidon’s Assurance Platform, Evidon
InForm, to execute the first in-stream in-player Advertising Choices icon for
Behavioral Targeting with true third-party assurance.


A modified version of Evidon’s industry-standard method
for demonstrating display and website advertising compliance is being used for
all of AdoTube’s in-stream ad formats such as pre-roll, overlay, Polite
Pre-Roll, and other more interactive formats.


Working with interactive formats that are often more
highly targeted gives consumers true access to and control over how all of
their information is collected and used.


With the partnership, Evidon has become doTube’s
exclusive provider of privacy compliance services for the DAA-managed, U.S.
self-regulatory initiative continuing its commitment to full third-party
transparency for all constituents.


Last year, AdoTube announced the Polite Pre-Roll®, giving
consumers choice and control over their ad experience. Now, we’re giving
consumers full choice and control over their data. We chose Evidon due to their
commitment to ensuring full compliance for advertisers, publishers and
consumers,” said Steve Jones, chief strategy and operations officer of AdoTube.


Evidon was the first company designated by the Digital
Advertising Alliance as an Approved Provider of compliance services for the
Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising (Principles).


This includes the ability to deliver the Advertising
Option (or Forward I) icon on behalf of companies who are participating in the
self-regulatory program.


The company’s Assurance Platform is operating at scale,
delivering the Advertising Option Icon and corresponding notice in billions of
monthly advertising impressions across the Internet for leading brands.


AdoTube is the first in-stream video advertising company
to deploy this self-regulatory program with an approved provider of compliance
services. As online video continues to grow in importance, we see AdoTube as a
very strategic partner, and we’re thrilled to be working with their team,” said
Scott Meyer, founder and CEO of Evidon.


Evidon named Colin O’Malley chief strategy officer. O’Malley, who co-founded
Evidon in 2009, has been leading its strategy and policy teams, and spearheaded
the Design Partner Program, which included agency holding companies,
advertisers, networks and associations.  


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