ADTRAN integrates access and middle mile with multi-ring scalability

provider of networking solutions, announced it has broadened its Optical
Networking Edge (ONE) portfolio to support scalable, multi-ring architectures
and extended reach optical networking.

By combining
Packet Optical Transport System (P-OTS) with Ethernet Ring Protection Switching
(ERPS) and Ethernet LAN (ELAN), the ADTRAN ONE provides efficient means for
extending resilient any-to-any Ethernet services across middle mile networks.

This blend
of flexible access with scalable transport from a common platform provides
service providers the most extensive service reach in the industry.

“As more
high-value, high-bandwidth services become available to our residential and
business customers, our network is expanding faster today than ever before.
ADTRAN is uniquely qualified to help us scale to allow us to stay ahead of
demand,” said Jason Axthelm, CTO, Consolidated Telephone Co.

solution accelerates the deployment of new high-bandwidth services and
applications driven by ramping 4G/LTE, FCC National Broadband Plan and cloud
computing initiatives.

ONE also
delivers optical extension through right-sized, integrated optical amplifiers
and dispersion compensation modules to expand service reach. Those middle mile
capabilities plug into the Total Access 5000 multi-service access and
aggregation platform extending the bandwidth efficiencies of the optical core
all the way to the network access and edge.

ONE solution provides unmatched network edge scalability that can now be
extended to middle mile applications for delivery of both legacy and innovative
new business and residential services, as well as handle the increasing traffic
from 4G/LTE mobile services,” said Mano Nachum, packet optical networking
product line manager, ADTRAN’s Carrier Networks Division.

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