AEG collaborates with Cisco and Verizon to offer HD digital video solutions

AEG, operator of STAPLES Center, one of the premier sports and
entertainment venues in the world, has collaborated with Cisco and with Verizon
to transforms fan experience with new high definition digital video solutions.

Leading-edge custom digital video technology
solutions deployed by Verizon and Cisco will more closely connect fans to
what’s happening on the National Hockey League while providing a wide array of
information about onsite amenities and services available to them. 

A leader in innovation, AEG recognized a need
to upgrade STAPLES Center’s electronic capabilities to better service its
increasingly tech-savvy fan base while creating new streams of revenue for the
venue, sponsors and partners.

“By reinventing STAPLES Center with
innovative technologies from industry leaders Verizon and Cisco, AEG is raising
the bar for arenas when it comes to engaging fans and responding to consumer
demands for real-time information that is uniquely tailored from event to
event,” said Todd Goldstein, president, Global Partnerships, AEG.

By collaborating with Cisco to create a
Connected Sports and Entertainment environment, and with Verizon to design and
build the essential technology foundation, AEG has given the venue a technology
makeover that keeps it in a class of the best and most innovative facilities in
the world. 

One of the most noticeable changes is the
addition of Cisco StadiumVision, an innovative digital video and content
distribution system that centrally controls and delivers targeted
high-definition video and highly relevant digital content to guests.

More than 375 Panasonic HD video displays
located in the luxury suites, at refreshment stands and around the Premiere
Level give STAPLES Center new channels of communication and engagement with
their diverse audiences, while providing fans with an immersive multimedia

In the luxury suites, Cisco StadiumVision
personalizes the event experience by allowing fans to customize their view of
the live game or show below, or switch to other channels of premium HD content,
by simply changing the channel via the Cisco touch-screen Unified IP Phones in
conjunction with Verizon voice-over-IP service.

With constantly changing games, teams and
events, one of the keys for STAPLES Center is the flexibility of the technology
being delivered by Verizon and Cisco. The entire color scheme, content and
branding of the venue can be done with the push of a few buttons, and this is
proving exceptionally valuable at the concessions stands where dynamic menu
boards can easily be updated with new menu items and pricing.

“Designing and implementing technology
solutions that cater to the individual consumer, as AEG has done with STAPLES
Center, is a successful model for other venues to adopt.  Together with
Cisco, we’re helping to create a game-changing experience for fans and new
business opportunities for STAPLES Center partners,” said James Timmons, vice
president of global enterprise sales, Verizon Communications.

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