Aerius smart phone prototypes sent from China


Aerius International announced prototypes of Aerius smart
phones were shipped by their manufacturer in Shenzhen, China to Aerius.


The Aerius engineer
in Shenzhen Rani Wu also reported the phones were equipped with Aerius LogoLens
that illuminates the carrier name when phones are in use.



Recently, Aerius won a Frost & Sullivan Green Technology in Wireless Technologies Award
because in carrier and CTIA lab tests Aerius equipped phones increase smart
phone battery life 2 to 4 hours and reduced dropped calls over 60 percent.
Also, based on tests by the FCC Aerius phones reduce handset power loss into
users or SAR, an average 99.4 percent.



IDC forecasts the smartphone market will
reach 450 million smartphones in 2011.



According to Aerius CEO Bill Luxon, if Aerius smart
phones capture less than 1 percent of the market Aerius will sell over one
million phones in 2011.



Buyers with cell phone retailers in the US who reviewed
performance of Aerius phones have said that if you put two phones side by side,
they have similar features and one delivers 2 to 4 more hours of battery life
and eliminates radiation absorption into the user, it’s a no-brainer which one
consumers will buy,” said Chuck Closterman, VP of Sales, Aerius.



Strong interest in selling Aerius phones has been
received by major carriers and cell phone retailers as soon as Aerius smart
phones become available,” Luxon added.


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