Aerohive Networks offers WLAN solution to the highest ski resort in Europe

Telecom Lead Europe: Aerohive Networks, a provider of
controller-less Wi-Fi and cloud-enabled networking solutions, announced
that Val Thorens, the highest ski resort in Europe, has deployed
Aerohive’s WLAN solution at its ski lifts.


Aerohive’s WLAN solution has been implemented by IT
partners Soluceo and Scientific Equipment, the WLAN provides free Wi-Fi access
to skiers and visitors to the resort.


We want to offer visitors the best services to
facilitate their stay in the resort. We are anticipating their needs by
offering them access to Wi-Fi on the ski lifts,” said Eric Bonnel, Sales and
Marketing Director of ski lift company SETAM.


The resort had a Wi-Fi network for internal
administrative use, but wanted to expand the network to offer skiers and
visitors internet access on the slopes. The existing Wi-Fi network was
difficult to administer and Val Thorens’ IT team needed a centralised solution
that could be remotely managed, and was cost-effective to deploy.


Val Thorens consulted its IT service provider, Soluceo,
which recommended two WLAN solutions, one of which was Aerohive.


Of particular interest to the IT team was Aerohive’s
Cooperative Control architecture; its access points automatically create mesh
network connections to recover from component failures without the need to
deploy redundant systems, all while keeping the network wireless.


Thanks to its easy deployment and use, we can anticipate
future upgrades to our solution with no additional investment,” said Elvis
Hudry, SETAM Networks and Systems Administrator, who is in charge of the


With Aerohive after initial configuration, deployment
takes only 15 minutes for each new HiveAP and any modifications can be carried
out remotely via centralised administration software.


A few months back, Aerohive Networks announced that Greenway Medical Technologies, a provider of electronic
health record (EHR) business solutions, implemented an Aerohive enterprise
Wi-Fi solution.


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