Africa INX picks RADWIN point-to-multipoint solution

Telecom Lead Africa: Africa INX, an ISP based in Gauteng,
has deployed the RADWIN 5000 point-to-multipoint solution.


The ISP installed the RADWIN 5000 base station at the
Irene Mall, and covers the entire R21 office park. The RADWIN installation is
also backhauled into the Africa INX fiber node in R21 through which Africa INX
provides Internet, MPLS and other related services.


RADWIN claims that its 5000 point-to-multipoint solution
delivers high-capacity of up to 200 Mbps and guaranteed bandwidth. The solution
incorporates advanced technologies such as MIMO and OFDM. RADWIN 5000 operates
in demanding environments including non-line-of-sight, harsh climates and
challenging topographies.


Stuart Hardy, managing Director of Africa INX, said
RADWIN’s radios perform exceptionally well even in the city environment where
there is major interference and many obstacles to direct line-of-sight.


RADWIN enabled the African ISP to keep costs down. Africa
INX is planning to deploy these systems in the future to serve its ever-growing
customer base.


Peter Turvey, RADWIN Managing Director SADC, said RADWIN
5000 is the right solution for ISPs such as Africa INX. Durable and robust, our
solutions handle the most challenging conditions, and time and again have
proven to work in the most extreme environments.


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