African operators can implement more royalty programs


A new study on CRM and Loyalty unveiled
by Buongiorno a global enabler of solutions for the mobile connected
life, reveals that while mobile users are familiar with being rewarded for
their loyalty, there is still room for operators to implement more effective,
engaging programs.


This is especially true in Africa, where 39 percent
of Nigerian subscribers participate in current mobile operator reward schemes
to encourage loyalty and a healthy 49 percent in schemes to increase spend, but
where consumers have high expectations of loyalty benefits on offer. 58 percent
of Nigerian subscribers have multiple SIMs to allow them to shift their spend
to the provider with the best rewards.


The study, conducted by Analysys Mason and
Buongiorno on mobile consumers in both
developed (UK, Spain) and emerging (Russia, Africa) markets
highlights key areas to think about for those considering implementing a mobile
loyalty scheme.


“Telcos are using marketing budgets to drive mobile
loyalty and CRM campaigns; however there is little available research that
investigates the effectiveness of such programmes. Our study gives practical
advice on the creation and optimisation of loyalty programmes, and coupled with
our experience of implementing a variety of loyalty campaigns across the world
can help operators see gross revenues increase typically between 4 percent and
9 percent,” said Adhish Kulkarni, Global Head of Telcos Product Solutions
at Buongiorno.


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