After clocking 5% dip in software and services revenue, Alcatel-Lucent expands portfolio

By Telecom
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: After posting 5 percent dip in software and services revenue, Alcatel-Lucent
has expanded its portfolio of software and services.


The expansion
is designed to improve the experience that consumers have with their
smartphones, tablets and other connected devices.


In Q3 2011,
revenues for the software, services and solutions segment were EUR 1.1 billion,
a decrease of 4.7 percent compared to EUR 1.15 billion in the
year-ago quarter.


to research, 15 percent of smartphones are returned because consumers encounter
problems getting them to work. In two-thirds of these cases, there is no issue
found. Making devices and services simpler to use and configure improves the
customer experience and can minimize the customer support burden.


has established a strong reputation in customer experience with hundreds of
communications service providers around the world. What we are announcing today
is a commitment to continue our investments in the area of customer experience
with the introduction of our new portfolio – which we have called Motive
Customer Experience Solutions,” said Adolfo Hernandez, president of
Alcatel-Lucent‘s software, Services & Solutions group.


The Motive
Customer Experience Solutions (CXS) portfolio will address the consumer
experience, providing a suite of software and expert services to help
communications service providers manage their customer relationships over a
wide range of touchpoints.

Motive CX
Management is focused on getting new devices, applications and services up and
running quickly, by simplifying their introduction on the network, managing
upgrades and service modifications, and providing a consistent, low-hassle
experience for customers.


Motive CX
Analytics provides monitoring tools that track the performance of the devices,
applications and services running on the network. These tools — which leverage
unique algorithms developed by Bell Labs — provide key insights and dashboards
that infer overall customer experience and allow for detailed customer
experience insights.


Motive CX
Optimization empowers communications service providers to provide their
customers with the best service experience possible while making better use of
network capacity. Using historical data about customers, devices, applications
and the network, communications service providers can examine trends,
experiences and usage patterns — segmented by types of users — and take
accurate and proactive actions with yield management and loyalty.


posts 6.8 percent decrease in Q3 2011 revenue at EUR 3.79 billion

Recently, Alcatel-Lucent
reported a 6.8 percent decrease in Q3 2011 revenue at EUR 3.79 billion compared
with EUR 4.07 billion in Q3 2010.


decrease in revenues in network and software and solutions business contributed
to the decline in revenue. The company could not improve its revenue in regions
like Asia Pacific, North America and Europe.


Alcatel-Lucent  posted a profit of EUR 194
million in Q3 2011 against EUR 25 million in Q3 2010.


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