AGC Networks targets 10-15% of total revenue from SME and channel business

about the AVI- SPL and AGC Networks tie- up to bring specialized skill set in
the Control Room Business to India, Sanjeev Verma, EVP Global Sales &
Business Operations, AGC Networks speaks about expansion plans in emerging
nations, adding new products and solutions for channel partners, and how the
Control Room business becoming increasingly useful to the telecom sector

explain the concept of Control Rooms, and their relevance with respect to the
telecom sector?


and Control Centers are the nerve centers for organizations looking to monitor
key business metrics. The fallacy is that most people believe that these
centers or metrics need to be monitored only by operational staff.  
Hence they have always associated control center to either security or
networks. The reality is that any organization that intends to keenly monitor
key metrics needs to set up a command center. The scale and other aspects might
vary but the basic need exists. At AGC we have realized the importance
associated with command center. Our role in creating a command centers extends
right from the infrastructure utilizing. Collaboration tools to the application
layer utilizing our professional services skills.


investment are you looking at for the Control Room segment in India? What scope
do you see in India for this segment?


Networks has recently partnered with AVI-SPL’s Control Room Group (CRG) to
bring Control Rooms to India. This partnership will help AGC Networks get
highly specialized skill set in the Control Room Business into India.


and AGC Networks will pursue turnkey design and build unified communication business
opportunities in the Indian market.


terms of the Control Room segment in India, we are focusing on our strategy of
partnerships as well as investing in people. Also our focused approach is in
key verticals like telecom, state administration, citizen services and public

are a lot of deficiencies plaguing the control room market today right from the
AV skilled resources from a design standpoint to implementation capabilities.
With our tie up with AVI SPL’s CRG we are addressing this deficit.


Networks has recently seen some movements in top management. How has this
benefited the company’s profits and sales?


have made some alignments in line with our long- term goals. AGC Networks is
now a holistic Solutions Integrator. There is a significant growth in our
revenues and our profits are also expected to increase with our growth plan.


are your future plans in India and globally for the next 6 months to one year?


already offer solutions in almost all verticals and emerging markets. We will
continue to look at innovative engagement model with our existing customers.


have embarked upon a holistic plan to transform AGC into a Solution Integrator
through our matrix of -Enabling Experience’. Currently AGC operations are in
India, Sri Lanka, Middle East and Africa, Australia and New Zealand and are
looking at further expanding in these markets. 


we are looking to add new products and Solutions portfolio that would be sold
through our channel partners. We thus expect our SME & Channel Business to
contribute 10-15 percent over the current contribution in the next 12 18

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