Agilent introduces new wireless communications test set for R&D

Agilent Technologies has
its new E5515E 8960 Series 10 wireless communications
test set.

Designed for R&D engineers who need to stress their
2G/3G/3.5G designs at the maximum data rates, the E5515E is an enhancement to
the 8960 wireless test set.

It is equipped with dual downlink paths, a powerful
processor and other significant hardware improvements. It includes features
such as sustained 42-Mb/sec DC”‘HSDPA throughput and extensive handovers between
2G/3G and LTE, for comprehensive 2G/3G/3.5G/LTE testing together with the
Agilent PXT E6621A wireless communication test set for LTE.

Moreover, the E5515E wireless test set supports the
latest TD”‘SCDMA advancements such as TD”‘HSDPA 2.8-Mb/sec IP data connections,
TD”‘HSUPA signaling and test-mode connections, and TD”‘SCDMA protocol logging.

With dual RF downlink paths, greater processing
capability and more memory, the new E5515E is equipped with even more power to
meet the challenges of 3.5G wireless device development,” said Garrett Lees,
marketing manager of the Mobile Broadband Operation at Agilent.

The E5515E wireless test set is designed to address the
increasing demands of the wireless R&D segment of the mobile broadband
industry. The two downlink paths allow testing of DC”‘HSDPA at the maximum
42-Mb/sec data rate and support testing of future multiple-output technologies.

It complements the currently available E5515C, widely used
for both R&D and high-volume manufacturing test. The E5515C continues to
offer robust, repeatable and standards-compliant 2G/3G/3.5G RF measurements for
both R&D and manufacturing. Existing E5515C test sets can be upgraded to
E5515E hardware to support the latest 3.5G technologies such as 42-Mb/sec DC”‘HSDPA.

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