Agilent launches more products for aerospace and defense in India

Agilent Technologies launched seven new products and solutions for aerospace and defense segment.

These new products were announced by Arun Dogra, country manager and VP- Sales, Marketing and Support, EMG- Agilent Technologies.

The newly launched products & solutions from Agilent Technologies are:

Arbitrary Waveform Generator (M8190A)

Agilent Technologies added new M8190A arbitrary waveform generator which can deliver simultaneous high resolution and wide bandwidth along with industry-leading spurious-free dynamic range and very low harmonic distortion. This unique functionality allows radar, satellite and
electronic warfare device designers to make reliable, repeatable measurements and create highly realistic signal scenarios to test their products.

Peak Power Analyzer (8990B)

The new 8990B, a peak power analyzer offers faster measurement speed and greater measurement accuracy in peak power-pulse analysis for the aerospace, defense and wireless markets. Built for ease of use and high performance, the 8990B is equipped with fast sampling rate which enables the
R&D engineers to get the high resolution they need to detect abnormalities in a signal trace for design improvement.

Vector Signal Analysis Software (89600B)

The new 89600B software provides R&D engineers performing signal and modulation analysis with a window into what’s happening inside their complex wireless devices. With views of virtually every facet of a signal, the VSA tool lets designers see the why” behind signal interactions, making it is easier and faster to find and fix their toughest signal problems.

The product provides good capability for engineers in Aerospace & Defense R&D and Military Communications.

LTE-Advanced Signal Generation, Analysis Solutions

LTE-Advanced is an evolution of LTE. It is initially being specified as part of Release 10 of the 3GPP specification. A number of new technologies are being introduced into LTE-Advanced to enable peak data rates of up to 1 Gbps in the downlink and 500 Mbps in the uplink. To achieve such as high peak data rate, LTE-Advanced supports a maximum bandwidth of 100 MHz via aggregating up to five component carriers, each up to 20 MHz wide. The product provides good capability for engineers in Aerospace & Defense R&D and Military Communications.

EMI Receiver

The N9038A MXE EMI receiver is designed for laboratories that perform compliance testing of electrical and electronic products. The MXE enhances electromagnetic interference (EMI) measurement accuracy and repeatability with a displayed average noise level (DANL) of -163 dBm at 1 GHz. This represents excellent input sensitivity, an essential receiver attribute that reduces the effects of electrical noise. The product is a great new introduction for engineers developing products that require EMI/EMC Compliance to CISPR and Military standards.

Microwave Handheld Spectrum Analyzers

The N9344C and N9343C handheld spectrum analyzers (HSA), two field-ready instruments designed for technicians and engineers who install, maintain and troubleshoot RF/microwave systems, monitor the spectrum or manage interference in the field. The new analyzers make field testing easier by providing the performance of a benchtop instrument in a handheld device, along
with a range of functionality for ensuring field-ready operation and automating routine tasks. The product finds good use with the field units of the Defense Services.

Millimeter-Wave Signal Analyzer

The PXA signal analyzer is now the industry’s highest performance millimeter-wave signal analyzer, covering frequencies up to 50 GHz.  With external mixing, it can cover 325 GHz and beyond. The result is easier, more accurate millimeter-wave measurements. Aerospace & Defense R&D
would be greatly benefited by this product and its capability.

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