Agilent launches T&M solution to address technologies for GaAs and RF multichip design

Telecom Lead America: Test and measurement company Agilent Technologies has launched ADS 2012 with new capabilities to improve productivity and efficiency for all applications it supports.

It will address technologies applicable to GaAs, GaN and silicon RF power-amplifier multichip module design.

This is the next major release of its Advanced Design System (ADS) flagship RF and microwave EDA platform.

Agilent claims that ADS 2012 features new user interface enhancements designed to improve design efficiency and productivity.

For instance, Dockable windows enable users to access frequently used dialog boxes, such as component information and layer visibility in layout. New component search and net navigator functions make it easy to work with larger designs, and a new archive/un-archive utility makes sharing designs and workspaces easier.

Agilent has also updated two ADS DesignGuides. The ADS Load Pull DesignGuide now offers mismatch simulation to indicate device or amplifier sensitivity to load VSWR or phase angle. The Amplifier DesignGuide features updates that make it easy to see amplifier performance at a specific output power or a specific amount of gain compression.

A new ADS electro-thermal simulator based on a full 3-D thermal solver natively integrated into ADS, which incorporates dynamic temperature effects to improve accuracy in thermally aware circuit simulation results.

Multichip module electromagnetic (EM) simulation setup and Finite Element Method simulation of different technologies to analyze EM interactions between ICs and interconnects, wire bond and flip-chip solder bumps in typical multichip RF power amplifier modules.

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