Agilent Technologies mobile HD link test solution selected by Simplay Labs

Test and measurement major Agilent Technologies announced that Simplay Labs, which operates four global Mobile high-definition Link authorized test centers, has selected Agilent as its MHL test solution provider.
Agilent’s test solution addresses the requirements of the MHL Compliance Test Specification 1.1 and is listed as recommended test equipment.
The MHL standard defines an optimized-for-mobile audio/video wired interface for portable devices to connect to HDTVs and other displays. The technology is capable of delivering up to 1080p HD video and 7.1 digital surround-sound audio via a cabled connection from the mobile device to the
display. In addition, MHL-enabled displays deliver power to the mobile device and charge its battery, while simultaneously playing content.
The Agilent test solution addresses the following areas of the MHL Compliance Test Specification: source testing, sink testing, media physical-layer testing and protocol testing. The test
solution reduces development costs while providing accurate test results with greater flexibility than other MHL test solutions. Agilent’s proven, reliable and powerful solution enables engineers to test both the MHL and HDMI standards.
“Being able to use advanced measurement tools for physical, data-link and protocol layers of MHL technology enables developers to address potential design issues early in the design cycle and get products to market faster,” said Thomas Dippon, MHL program manager at Agilent.
Agilent’s MHL test solution is the only solution available that offers full automation software, which speeds up testing. It allows engineers to test the performance of MHL-enabled devices efficiently and with fast test throughput, increasing productivity.
Agilent has been involved with the MHL specification since the standard was first established and has developed tools in the physical, data link and protocol layers to help companies meet compliance testing goals.
Authorized testing centers are using Agilent’s MHL test platform to test products, identify problems, measure data and determine whether devices have passed or failed compliance tests. Agilent’s reliable MHL test solution helps customers improve the quality of their consumer electronics products and meet the demands of this rapidly advancing market.
“Agilent and its solutions partner, BitifEye, deliver flexible and cost-effective technologies, a strong support team, and tools that complement our own testing solutions,” said Damon Vanderhorst, operations director at Simplay Labs.

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