Agilent to launch third innovation initiative competition

Agilent Technologies, Department of Science & Technology (Government of India) and Confederation of India Industry will launch the third season of innovation competition called India Innovation Initiative (i3) for all innovators.

Last year, the scale of the event had been expanded to cover a wider spectrum of industries including water, transportation, energy, environment, internal security applications and education among others. There was also a wider geographical spread of the initiative last year, by organizing
the preliminary selection rounds through four regional fairs in four regions. This resulted in wider participation from far-flung areas of the nation.

In 2009, the total number of entries for i3 was around 250. By expanding the spread in 2010, this number went up to nearly 1000. With a robust structure in place, i3 wants to spread the message of innovation deeper into the country and encourage all to come forward and participate.

We continue to be proud bearers of Agilent’s mandate to spread the innovation temperament in our local geographies. Last year, we received nearly four times the entries from 2009, so we know that our efforts are being seen and felt. This year, we want to keep that structure intact, but
execute better and be more impactful. The more people get aware of this platform’s existence, the more they will come forward, and our efforts have to be to facilitate that spread with the proper support,” said Parmeet S. Ahuja, president and country general manager, Agilent Technologies India.

Innovation is key to economic development.  Growing challenges like providing for an enormous population, mammoth devastation caused by natural calamities and the increasing global competition in a liberalized era, call for a highly productive and innovative ecosystem. Merit
and competition are engines for viable innovations. The young population has the capability to provide out of the box solutions to problems of daily life with the help of Science and Technology. i3 plays a crucial role in this endeavor,” said Bhanu Pratap Singh, head, National Council for Science & Technology Communication (NCSTC) Department of Science & Technology.

This scale up of the initiative will substantially boost mechanisms to facilitate Innovative Indian minds and help them accrue more support for commercializing their innovations. This is a significant step forward from the previous years and will generate greater impact towards creating new ventures and start-ups,” said Naushad Forbes, chairman, Innovation Council, Confederation of Indian Industry.

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